Early Stage Government Innovation Process

In partnership with SoCentral and Info Design Lab, on behalf of our client, The Norwegian State Housing Bank,  DoPurpose designed and facilitated an early stage innovation process for cross disciplinary participants in Oslo, Norway, with the topic Future Generational Living. The goal was to encourage change as to how municipalities work to solve complex societal challenges. Project completion end of 2018.

Challenge: How might Municipalities invite potential future collaborators and together explore what future public tenders should include? What is legal? What should the process entail? How do you invite stakeholders?

Solution: "Early-stage innovation process" is a method of early-stage innovation that triggers good forces and ideas in the community in regards to complex societal challenges. The method has been developed and tested on housing-related challenges, but can also be used on other complex issues in different sectors.

Results: The results of an early-stage innovation can be diverse, hard to predict and open ended. Often they lead to stimulating the market and civil society to develop new solutions, identifying new needs and / or solutions that can later become a public procurement. The process can contribute to broader perspectives and new knowledge for everyone involved; facilitate new collaborative relationships in the local community, with and without the municipality and developing concrete solutions to identified challenges.

The method "Early phase innovation process" is now openly available at

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