Innovation & Leadership

Our approach is rooted in Design Thinking Methodology, Ecosystem design and Human Focus. We support you strategically to discover opportunities, imagine the future & increase value. We are equally happy to facilitate and run workshops in English, Swedish and Norwegian. We love discussing possibilities over coffee. Say

Innovation Journeys
Do you wish to find solutions to new and complex challenges? Do you wish to work cross sector and competences in order to find new solutions? We design tailor made innovation journeys that meet your need for co-creation and learning, to ensure thriving business ecosystems that blend innovation and purpose.

Process design & Facilitation
Take a new look at your challenges. We design and facilitate small and large custom processes to ensure you are facing your challenges in an effective and collaborative manner - maximizing the potential of your team. Do you need to release your team's potential? Do you need to get your project off to a good start? Are you asking the right questions?



Norwegian Agriculture Association

Together with SoCentral, DoPurpose has planned, designed and facilitated a total of three innovation camps. Topics include “How can emerging technologies contribute to green and sustainable food production” and “The future of Animal Welfare in Norway”

For the Innovation Camp we gather interdisciplinary expertise to find tomorrow's solutions within agriculture! The solution can be a product, a service or a research project. The Innovation camp will be the start of an innovation process. The two best solution will be rewarded with development support of NOK. 400,000 each from Innovation Norway and / or the Research Council of Norway.


Future Generational Living / Early-stage innovation process

"Early-stage innovation process" is a method of early-stage innovation that triggers good forces and ideas in the community in regards to complex societal challenges. The method has been developed and tested on housing-related challenges, but can also be used on other complex issues in different sectors.

The process was developed through the project, Future Generational Living, an equal cooperation between the Housing Bank, Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Directorate of Health, Difi, the Norwegian Architecture and Design Center and SoCentral. Based on the results of this collaboration, a method development was carried out in close cooperation with the Housing Bank and the pilot municipalities Asker and Ringsaker.





The goal of Idélab is to find radically new solutions to major societal challenges. 25-30 hand-picked participants from various fields meet for three to five intensive days. The project ideas are developed in collaboration with professionally employed mentors. The best projects receive commitments for financial support from the Research Council of Norway at the end of the idélab.

DoPurpose has planned and facilitated a total of four Idelabs in Oslo so far. Cities that work (Smart city), Industry 2.0 in Norway, Ocean Industry and The future of Tourism in Norway. We collaborated with Sandpit experts from Center for Facilitation in the UK.å-kjenne-innovasjon-på-kroppen-57f6db8e9e86