Future of Retail Hackathon 2019

Our clients DNX and Color Line joined forces in order to host a 2 day roundtrip Ideathon cruise from Oslo to Kiel for select participants from the Norwegian retail industry with a goal of finding brand new solution for the future of trade.

Challenge: The retail trade is in a precarious situation. Threats are many: Some fear e-commerce, others fear changing patterns of consumption and many face bankruptcy. How do we bring different players from the industry together to tackle the challenge they are facing?

Solution: With 29 hours available, and a watch that inexorably ticked down at the end of the conference room, the participants were divided into groups characterized by diversity - both in age, gender and competence. Participants were thrown into a mini challenge exercise that quickly acquainted them with the work method developed to ensure rapid innovation in a world where six-month investigation processes are passé. The task was to find a problem everyone in the group thought was important and relevant. DoPurpose guided all five groups toward the finale where they pitched their concepts in front of an audience and a jury of retail experts.

“- It has been an incredibly intensive experience, where we have been thrown into many exercises, and have been forced to rely on the process. All this has accumulated to something that we thought was a cool idea, and it was lovely to get presented and get feedback on. It is good validate something one has worked out through a hard run over 24 hours, states Martin Braaten Grina, UX Lead and product developer in the payment company Auka, who also participated in the winning team.” - DNX

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